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Addiction can be hard or even impossible to eradicate on your own. Fortunately, you don't have to go it alone thanks to Mullen Recovery, our substance abuse treatment facility in Norfolk, Virginia. When you check into our addiction treatment clinic, you'll be presented with all the support and resources you need to help you achieve and maintain your recovery. Begin your journey on the road to recovery be checking into one of the rehab centers in our extended network today. There's numerous benefits that our clinics have to offer you.

Help with Detox

One of the primary benefits of checking into our addiction recovery center in Norfolk, Virginia is that you'll get help you need to detox from the harmful substances you have been abusing. So many clients tell us that the most difficult part of the treatment process is getting up the courage to go through that initial detox. It can be extremely difficult and even scary to detox from drugs, especially if you've been using them for a long period of time and using large amounts of them at a time.

In some instances, detox can be downright dangerous, which is why you'll need to have a supervised detox to ensure that you detox safely. Supervised detox allows you to detox in a safe environment where you'll be made comfortable. At Mullen Recovery, we have the resources to assist you should you require additional help.

Dual Diagnosis Mental Health Treatment

One of the most important parts of the treatment process is getting down to the root of your substance addiction issues. In many cases, substance abuse proves to be much more complicated than what appears on the surface. When you come to Mullen Recovery, our drug rehab center in Norfolk, Virginia, we'll help you get down to the root of your substance abuse issues. If your issues are being complicated by a co-occurring mental health issue, then we'll help you develop a treatment plan that not only treats your substance abuse but ensures you receive treatment for any co-occurring mental health issues as well.

Extended Support Group

Another huge benefit of checking into our addiction treatment center in Norfolk, Virginia is that you'll get the support of the entire community. We offer group counseling sessions and plenty of other opportunities at our addiction recovery facility in Norfolk, Virginia for you to get to know other clients who have been through similar situations as yourself. Your fellow client's, who have suffered through some of the same consequences of substance abuse as you, can truly understand what you're going through. While you might have the support of friends and family members at home, having the extended support of our client community can also help you immensely.

Staying Sober

At Mullen Recovery, our drug rehab clinic in Norfolk, Virginia, we don't want to temporarily patch up your addiction issues. We want to help you maintain your sobriety for the long run. That's why we offer a variety of aftercare resources for you to take advantage of. When the pressure of the world starts weighing down on you and you need a place to turn to, consider the assistance of the friendly professionals we have on staff here at our drug rehab clinic.