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>Drug Rehab in San Francisco

There are many people today who struggle with drug addiction. However, few people understand the steps needed to beat their addiction. Going through an addiction recovery program can be intimidating, and few people feel like it will actually help.

Our addiction treatment facility in San Francisco, California is one of the best in the country. Mullen Recovery has had much success working with clients over the past few years. We have a strong community where honesty is encouraged from clients. In our San Francisco drug detox clinic, we have a lot of clients who are able to beat their addictions and go back to daily life. We are much more than just a rehab facility, we are a family who wants to help you take your life in a new direction.

Treatment Options

Going through an addiction recovery is a long process. In our San Francisco addiction recovery facility, we have a track record of success in helping clients get through this process. One of the reasons that our team is so successful is that we personalize all of our treatment options based on the initial consultation with clients. We have a spectrum of clients who come into our facility. Some people need a lot of personal attention, and others simply come to our facility to benefit from the community.


One of the biggest benefits in working through rehab at our facility is the community support. Our San Francisco substance abuse treatment facility actively encourages clients to be honest about their struggles. You are going to be a lot of issues that people have while going through the recovery process. Recovery is tough to finish, and that is why so few people are able to beat their addictions.

The reason that our facility is so effective is that we encourage clients to support one another during this process. Not only does the support staff work closely with clients, but clients also have support groups. This is unique in that a lot of drug centers do not have this support for clients.


At our San Francisco drug rehab facility, we realize that drug rehab is different for everyone. We are excited about all of the changes starting to take place in this area. However, we want our clients to know that we want them to have success after they leave our facility as well.

In a lot of treatment programs, clients are able to get over their issues while they are in the facility. However, once they leave, they go right back into old habits. This is an issue that we work to prevent in our clients. We work closely with friends and family to help them get through their addiction. At our San Francisco addiction recovery center, we have a track record of success in helping clients both during and after they stay with us.

Getting Help

Having a drug addiction is a huge burden for our clients to deal with. Mullen Recovery understands that getting over an addiction is a long process. With our training and education, we have been able to help a lot of our clients overcome their issues.

However, it is ultimately up to our clients to change their behavior. We actively encourage open community with other clients and staff members throughout the process. The great thing about our addiction treatment center in San Francisco, California is that we do not just help people get over their issues. Instead, we focus on helping clients solve the root of their addiction in their life. Now is the time to come by our San Francisco drug rehab center to take your life to a new level.